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"The Highest Quality Stone in Texas! Words that we stand behind.

You are invited to experience old-fashioned personal and professional Quality service that is given to each customer. We will help you with your order process from start to finish. Our staff is always ready to answer any questions you might have.

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About Us

Not all stone products are the same. The stone mason requires a superior quality stone to produce superior finished product. That is why you should call on Quality Stone Company for all your stone needs. Quality Stone takes great pride in our limestone production. We go the extra mile to give you more for your dollar, by producing stone that is uniform in size and quality, which will make the mason's job easier and saves you extra labor costs. Quality Stone is a industry leader in quality products along with outstanding service and reliability. Our stone may be slightly higher is cost, but you will need less stone to complete your project, so you will actually save on overall cost!

Quality Stone Company is located in Central Texas. The stone produced is of the highest quality and is excellent for building stone, landscapes, hardscapes and any dimensional stone project that you can think of.

Quality Stone was started in 1996. Since that time, our goal has been to be the best. Quality Stone's commitment to quality means hand-loading the rock on trucks or pallets, which helps to prevent breakage. It means NEVER scooping a load, a cheaper method of production, used by our competitors, which also cuts down on coverage per ton.

Quality Stone, using innovative technology, produces a variety of stone and specialty cuts to serve our customers in any way we can. We offer turnkey bids, free estimates and discounts to contractors. We also strive to deliver custom orders within a one-two week window, weather permitting. We are happy to offer references from our satisfied customers. We will gladly take you on a tour of the quarry if you would like to see firsthand the stone that will go into your home or project, while it is still in the ground. Call for an appointment to visit the quarry.

While the company maintains an inventory of standard limestone goods such as chop rock in a variety of sizes and colors, for immediate sale; the bulk of our work is custom cut to fit each individual order. We offer all sizes and color variations so we can mix and match the stone to your specifications. Quality Stone uses diamond cutting saws that can produce precise sizes,which minimizes waste and makes the stone easier to install. These saws have added new meaning to "Specialty Cuts". We offer beautiful mantles and hearths, fireplace surrounds, door and window surrounds, decorative caps, memory stones, benches, customized signs, bull-nose and much more. Although we may be limited to doing mostly straight profile cuts, we can produce a wide range of designs and beautiful pieces. Browse our new "Stone Art" "Smooth Cuts" pages to see more samples of products that our artists can create for you. In addition, we can refer skilled masons in our area, if we are familiar with any, that we know will do the job right.

Quality Stone Company has added "Quality Stone Thin Stone Veneer" to our product line. Quality Thin Stone is an excellent choice where space or weight considerations are a factor; for interiors, exteriors and many other applications. This product is easy to install, less costly to transport, looks beautiful, long lasting and you will receive the same great quality and service as you do with other Quality Stone products.

Quality Stone Company has some exciting new color blends and mixes that we are sure you will love. Our website may look different with many new pages in a format that should be easier to navigate.

We now offer our customers the beauty of sandstone as wall cladding, and as an accent that can be added to our other blends and mixes, along with sills, mantles, hearths and thin veneer.

Local deliveries within a 50 mile radius of the quarry (with the purchase of 12 tons or more) will be charged a small 10% fuel charge due to the higher prices on fuel. We will deliver our stone, for a delivery fee, anywhere within Texas. We will be happy to arrange delivery for out of state locations as well. Customers are also welcome to arrange their own transportation or pick up stone themselves. Our stone has been purchased by customers throughout the United States and beyond.

Quality Stone Company is a supporter of "Green" conservation and technology. We continue to do our part to make Texas and our world a more beautiful place.

Thank you for visiting our website and taking the time to become acquainted with our company and products. We look forward to working with you! We are always available to answer any questions you might have.

Our terms for stone:

  1. Chopped Rock - dimentional stone that has a natural face front and back, sawed top and bottom and comes in random lengths
  2. Flagstone - irregular shaped stone in 3" to 5" thickness
  3. Natural Patio Stone - irregular shaped pieces, like flagstone, with 1" to 3" thickness
  4. Drystack - thicker stone than chopped rock, usually 6" to 12" deep, that is generally used for retaining walls and flowerbeds
  5. Quarry Blocks - large blocks that are used for retaining walls. Must be moved with a machine.
  6. Diamond Sawed Patio - sawed stone usually in 1-1/4", 2-1/4" or other sizes cut in slabs of approx. 22" x 5'
  7. Boulders - large stones that are generally flat rather than rounded. They will be anywhere from 4" to 12" thick, irregular, natural stone used mostly for landscapes, hardscapes and water features

We rely on our customers to send us pictures of their finished project. We would love to feature your project too!

Due to rising fuel charge we must add a 10% FUEL CHARGE to all orders we deliver.
We are always happy to answer your questions or show you stone samples.
Please give us a call!
We accept all major credit cards, cash and checks.
(* there is a additional service fee for Amex)

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Monday - Thursday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, Friday 8am to 2:30pm
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Closed Saturday and Sunday

Phone Numbers & eMail:
Office: 254-793-3791, toll-free: 888-536-7486
Fax: 254-793-3503
e-fax: 512-532-0320,
email: office@qualitystone.com

Address: 3450 FM 2843, Florence, Texas
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1019, Florence, Texas 76527

Thank you for visiting Quality Stone Company
We would love to add a photo of your completed project to our website.
Please email:office@qualitystone.com

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Added Notes****

**Please remember that there are 2 "faces" to each stone. One side will be darker than the other side. You must tell your mason how much of the dark or light you want to show. Two identical walls one laid with a light side and one of the darker side will look totally different. (A third wall laid with 50-50 would look different than the first two)

Sometimes when you first receive your stone, it may look very light. This is most likely because the stone is dry and dusty, or the lighter colors are on top. Don't panic! Once the mason starts laying the stone, you will see all the color appear! Once you rinse the stone with the water the colors will change dramatically! Adding a sealer will make all stone appear darker. If you have an area that is muddy and/or the rain will splash mud on your new wall, adding a clear sealer will protect the stone from changing color.

**Note: Stone, being a product of nature, gives us a variety of color. Not every single stone sample will be exactly like the stone that you will receive. There will be slight variances in color. These differences are what make our stone so beautiful and interesting. Pictures on the website or our catolog may not be true colors. Camera and/or film type and time of day also changes the way the pictures reflect the stone and may distort the color.

** Please note: stone that has color added, as in artwork or address blocks etc, may fade or chip out if it is in the weather without being sealed. A water sealer or clear spray sealer will help protect the color and give it longer life. We do apply a thin sealer before the piece leaves the quarry. This usually needs to be repeated as needed. We do not guarantee the life span of the painted stone surface.


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