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    ranch mix

    "The Highest Quality Stone in Texas! Words that we stand behind.

    You are invited to experience old-fashioned personal and professional Quality service that is given to each customer. We will help you with your order process from start to finish. Our staff is always ready to answer any questions you might have.

    We offer:

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    Fax: 254-793-3503
    efax: 512-532-0320

    Hours: Mon-Thur: 8am-4pm
    Fri: 8am- 2pm

    Closed Sat & Sun

    sandblasted example

    Example of sandblasted stone

    Ask us about our monthly sales when you call!

    Love Cross

    Custom Cross sample

    Fireplaces and Fire Pits

    The styles and varieties of fireplaces are endless. From chop rock, cut stone or a surround,
    you can't go wrong adding a fireplace to your home, outdoor space or office. Below are a few samples to give you an idea of what you can acheive with a fireplace in your favorite place, by adding warmth, beauty and value. Each mantle, hearth and fireplace will be custom cut to your specifications

    canyon springs rough stone fireplace
    canyon springs rough fireplace with mantle

    canyon springs fireplace

    A fireplace will add warmth, beauty and value to any home
    rough stone to match Canyon Springs Mix
    rough stone to match Canyon Springs Mix
    fireplace with
    Canyon Springs Mix
    fireplace in cream
    Beveled Fireplace
    Thin Veneer White Fireplace
    cream chop fireplace
    gray custom cut surround
    thin veneer white chop
    fireplace with cream stone in courses
    Renaissance Smooth Fireplace
    Chiseled Fireplace
    fireplace made with a variety of stones and colors
    rust fireplace
    renaissance smooth fireplace
    chisel face fireplace
    fireplace made with a variety of stones and colors
    rust fireplace
    white chop fireplace
    Fireplace sample
    fireplace detail
    pizza oven
    white chop fireplace
    11 pc. sample fireplace
    detail of 11 pc. fireplace
    pizza oven
    fireplace with stagecoach design
    fireplace with stage coach design
    side view of fireplace
    Cream and Rust fireplace
    white surround with artist detail- side view
    stage coach design on fireplace insert
    side detail of surround to left
    cream and rust fireplace
    fireplace  in cream and white in courses
    Rust fireplace
    mantle profile
    mantle profile
    white and cream fireplace done in courses
    rust fireplace with arch and mantle
    detail of a mantle support design
    mantle support
    cream amntle close up
    curved mantle
    curved mantle
    fireplace hearth surround
    mantle with beveled edges
    rounded mantle
    shaped mantle
    Fireplace hearth surround

    For faster service, bring along a sketch of what you are wanting, with all the dimensions.

    Fire Pits

    fire pit
    white fire pit
    white fire pit
    white with rusty face-fire pit
    white fire pit
    fire pit
    white fire pit
    white firepit
    white with rusty face- fire pit
    firepit and picnic table
    firepit and picnic table
    fiirepit and picnic table
    firepit and picnic table on display
    firepit and picnic table on display