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    ranch mix

    "The Highest Quality Stone in Texas! Words that we stand behind.

    You are invited to experience old-fashioned personal and professional Quality service that is given to each customer. We will help you with your order process from start to finish. Our staff is always ready to answer any questions you might have.

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    sandblasted example

    Example of sandblasted stone

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    Love Cross

    Custom Cross sample

    Peppered White

    Peppered White
    Peppered White wall
    Peppered White
    Peppered White on house
    Pictures above have higher percent of gray than the pictures below
    peppered white peppered white
    peppered white

    For those that don't like the rusty or creamy colors but still want a little pop in your stone color, this may be the perfect choice. White with a hint of grays. Percentage of gray can be increased upon request.


    Added Notes****

    **Please remember that there are 2 "faces" to each stone. One side will be darker than the other side. You must tell your mason how much of the dark or light you want to show. Two identical walls one laid with a light side and one of the darker side will look totally different. (A third wall laid with 50-50 would look different than the first two)

    Sometimes when you first receive your stone, it may look very light. This is most likely because the stone is dry and dusty, or the lighter colors are on top. Don't panic! Once the mason starts laying the stone, you will see all the color appear! Once you rinse the stone with the water the colors will change dramatically! Adding a sealer will make all stone appear darker. If you have an area that is muddy and/or the rain will splash mud on your new wall, adding a clear sealer will protect the stone from changing color.

    **Note: Stone, being a product of nature, gives us a variety of color. Not every single stone sample will be exactly like the stone that you will receive. There will be slight variances in color. These differences are what make our stone so beautiful and interesting. Pictures on the website or our catolog may not be true colors. Camera and/or film type and time of day also changes the way the pictures reflect the stone and may distort the color.

    ** Please note: stone that has color added, as in artwork or address blocks etc, may fade or chip out if it is in the weather without being sealed. A water sealer or clear spray sealer will help protect the color and give it longer life. We do apply a thin sealer before the piece leaves the quarry. This usually needs to be repeated as needed. We do not guarantee the life span of the painted stone surface.


    We respect the privacy of our readers. We will NEVER supply or sell your personal information to any Third Party! The material furnished in this website is to give the